Fifty Plates of GreensCelebrate Greens with 50 Vegan Recipes

Fifty Plates of Greens

50 Vegan, Heart-Healthy Recipes for Leafy Greens

Perhaps you already know that leafy, green vegetables contain so many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that they may help stave off everything from colds to cancer, but did you also know how delicious they are?

Fifty Plates of Greens shows you fifty delectable ways to prepare fourteen varieties of greens. Would you like to view sample recipes?

From stews and crock-pot meals to stir-fries and pasta dishes, you will learn new ways to prepare and enjoy greens. All recipes are vegan, low-fat, and designed to promote good health. What's more, most of the recipes are gluten-free, and the few that aren't include gluten-free substitutions. The majority also consist solely of whole food ingredients, sure to please anyone trying to eat a "clean" or unprocessed foods diet. And since the recipes contain no added sugar, cheese or butter, they are ideal for anyone watching sugar intake or trying to control weight!

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Keep Calm and Eat More Greens